Over 100 games in development for the wii (And why that´s not such a good thing.)

Over 100 games in development for the wii (And why that´s not such a good thing.)

With Nintendo´s new console, the Wii U, coming out by the end of this year, a troubled fan sent an email to Nintendo, regarding their plans for the Wii. A nintendo representative assured that there were over a 100 titles in the works for the wii system:

“Dear Nintendo,

With Wii U coming out later this year, will Wii no longer receive new Channels or Wii Updates?”



Thanks for writing. We appreciate your sharing your concerns with us. Please note that I have documented your comments and will make them available to the appropriate departments within Nintendo to use as they see fit.

With the announcement that a new home system is planned for release in 2012, it’s too early to say how this may affect the future of the Wii console. However, it’s important to point out that Nintendo and its licensee partners have over 100 new titles in development. These will be added to the existing library of over 1000 games (not including WiiWare or Virtual Console games) already available for Wii. It’s also common in the video game industry to continue to support older hardware once its successor has been released.


Alex Schuster

Nintendo of America Inc.”

It´s good to see that Nintendo won´t just stop supporting the wii  once the succesor comes out… but just how many low-budget casual games will be released?
What do you think, should Nintendo pull the plug on the wii, or keep on going?

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