Monster Hunter 4 is about 60% complete.

Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto told Famitsu magazine that the game has reached 60% completion.
He stated that they´re focusing on the story more than ever and will probably be the most emotive monster hunter, he also expressed his wish to expand the monster hunter series to other media.
This game is due to be released spring next year in Japan, as a Nintendo 3DS exclusive.
Let´s hope they bring it to North America.


One of the most visually impressive games for the 3DS.


RUMOR: Super Smash Bros. Wii U, F-Zero, and Star Fox to be at E3?


Is Nintendo ready to show their big Blockbusters?

Gaming unwrapped has reported that a very reliable source close to Nintendo, has confirmed that F-Zero, Star Fox and Super Smash Bros. will be present at E3, they don´t know if it will be images, teasers, trailers or in demo form. Of course I don´t think will be seeing anything related to Smash Bros. but, hey, one can dream , Can´t he?

Lords of shadow 2 and Castlevania Mirror Of Fate confirmed by Mercury Steam.


The game looks amazing in the Nintendo Handheld.


We can expect the same action that Lords of Shadow delivered.

In the latest issue of Nintendo Power, it has been confirmed that two new Castlevania games are in the works.
Lords of Shadow 2 and Castlevania. Lords of Shadow- Mirror of fate, an exclusive game for the Nintendo 3ds.
So far, there haven´t been many details regarding Lords of Shadow 2, not even the platforms it will be in. However, some scans have been released showing a general idea of the graphics for its 3ds iteration.

David Cox has said that Mirror of Fate serves as a connection between Lords of Shadow and Lords of Shadow 2.Image  It has also been confirmed that the gameplay in the 3ds version will be similar to the first Lords of Shadow,and characters such as Trevor Belmont and Simon Belmont will  make an appearance.