Final Fantasy XIV: A realm reborn – launch trailer

A launch trailer has been released for Square Enix´s Massive Multiplayer Online: Final Fantasy XIV: A realm reborn, also known as FF XIV 2.0. The original game, released last year, received negative reviews so Square Enix started to tune up certain aspects of the game.
Should Square Enix just let this project die, or are you excited to have it?


Phantasy Star online 2 is rising in Japan, coming to America.

Phantasy Star online 2 is rising in Japan, coming to America.

Sega announced that they have already reached over 730,000 players for their free to play MMO, which were reached in less than a month, from July 4 (the release of the game.) to July 26, they are also considering opening international servers for the game.
The game will be released next year in North America and Europe. A PS Vita version is in the works for Japan.

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Resident Evil 6 Ada Wong Campaign confirmed (Along with agent hunt mode.)

Japanese gaming publication Famitsu, revealed the existence of Ada´s campaign unlocked after completing the other three scenarios. However her gameplay will be more action oriented. Also confirmed was the agent hunt mode, which allows the player to play as a zombie against the main characters.
This truly feels like the biggest Resident evil game yet.

Capcom believes Resident Evil 6 will become its best selling game.

Capcom believes Resident Evil 6 will become its best selling game.

Capcom, the company behind series such as Street fighter, Devil May Cry and megaman; has stated that due to the positive feedback that they have received thanks to Resident Evil 6, they expect to sell 7 million Units.

Beating even Street Fighter II which sold 6.3 million units since it launched way back in 1992.
Will Capcom be able to make it… or is it Just foolish faith in one of their key franchises?
What do you think?

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The revival of Tony Hawk´s pro skater series.

The revival of Tony Hawk´s pro skater series.

The HD downloadable version of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater was released not so long ago, selling 120,000 copies in its first week of availability, being an Xbox-timed exclusive, with plans on making it available for Playstation Network and PC. Thanks to sales and fan reception Robomodo CEO Josh Tsui said:

“The prospect of a fuller game is definitely on the table — it’s just a matter of when and how,
[…]but obviously we would always want more to go bigger.”

So… who wants the revival of this great franchise, which went downhill as each new title was a step backwards?

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Some screenshots of the gorgeous Unreal Engine 4.


Clearly superior to the Unreal engine 3, which runs games such as Gears of war, Batman Arkham City etc.


Showing us how games will look one day.

ImageA few days ago, Epic games released to the public a few screenshots of their new engine. It gives a taste of what the new generation of consoles will look like. A full reveal of the unreal engine 4 has been confirmed for E3 next week. For now, enjoy some of the screenshots.