Las dos versiones de Smash bros. Wii u y 3ds, serán mostradas en el e3 2013.

El creador de la saga de Smash bros, Masahiro Sakurai, ha confirmado a través de su cuenta de twitter, que las dos versiones de super smash bros tanto para wii u y 3ds respectivamente, estarán presentes en la exposición más grande de videojuegos del año, el E3 2013.  En verdad, va a ser un E3 emocionante este año.


Mass effect 3, confirmed as Wii U launch title, along with bonus content.

EA has confirmed that the epic conclusion to the Mass Effect trilogy, will be arriving to the Wii U as a launch title. The game will be playable entirely on the Wii U gamepad, and will feature the extended ending and an interactive comic for those do not know the backstory.

Monster Hunter 4 is about 60% complete.

Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto told Famitsu magazine that the game has reached 60% completion.
He stated that they´re focusing on the story more than ever and will probably be the most emotive monster hunter, he also expressed his wish to expand the monster hunter series to other media.
This game is due to be released spring next year in Japan, as a Nintendo 3DS exclusive.
Let´s hope they bring it to North America.


One of the most visually impressive games for the 3DS.

Phantasy Star online 2 is rising in Japan, coming to America.

Phantasy Star online 2 is rising in Japan, coming to America.

Sega announced that they have already reached over 730,000 players for their free to play MMO, which were reached in less than a month, from July 4 (the release of the game.) to July 26, they are also considering opening international servers for the game.
The game will be released next year in North America and Europe. A PS Vita version is in the works for Japan.

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Sony lost 45 million dollars in its gaming division.

Sony lost 45 million dollars in its gaming division.

Sony Japan posted a financial report in which they stated a total loss of 45 million dollars in this year first quarter, which ended june 30.
This is a result of lower than expected sales for its hardware.
Especially, the PSVita. Sony has also stated that they expect their portable sales to be even lower than expected, due to the unexpected decrease in sales.
Is Sony gonna let the PS Vita die?

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Nintendo 3DS XL big in Japan. (Not so big in UK.)

Nintendo 3DS XL big in Japan. (Not so big in UK.)

Nintendo´s newest handhel iteration, the 3DS XL has already been released in Japan, selling a respectable amount of 192,000 units in two days. Hoewever, the system is also now available across Europe, selling less than 10,000 units in the UK.
The 3DS XL comes out in America August 19th, alongside New Super Mario Bros 2.
Is anyone picking up this gigantic 3DS?

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